June 8,2017

See HCHA's submission to the Health Select Committee on the Care and Support (Pay Equity) Settlement Bill currently before the House

Whilst we support the uplift in wages for our staff, we submitted that two key areas of the Bill needed to be amended.  One was on funding and the other on training.   We advised the Committee that the Government is underfunding the implementation of pay equity whilst requiring legislation to compel employers to pay.  The outcome for our already underfunded sector is ruinous.

See also our press release on this issue.

Complaints Categorisation Guidance now available

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Ministry of Health has worked with home and community service representatives to pilot a standardised approach to categorising concerns and complaints when they are received by providers.  This is part of a broader project to develop resources for consumers that encourage older people to raise concerns and complaints.  The resource outlines three steps for categorising complaints:  Categorise, Evaluate, Report/Monitor.  It provides examples of concerns or complaints that are received within a context of severity of the consequence of the event.

HCHA endorses this standardisation process and encourages providers to include it as part of their quality management framework and consumer engagement.

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