Medication Guidelines for home support, under Consultation

Friday, March 23, 2018


In 2015 both HCHA and providers of home and community support services (HCSS) identified a need for medication guidelines specific to their sector that would ensure best possible outcomes for clients and staff.

HCHA undertook a Literature review to provide more information on current and best practice, and on and local and international guidelines.

Meanwhile a collaborative approach was adopted to develop guidelines that included provider representatives, being Geneva Healthcare (provider lead), Access Homehealth, VisionWest
Baptist Homecare, Healthcare NZ, Salvation Army Homecare and Waitemata District Health Board. This work has spanned approximately 18 months and included a literature review
commissioned by the Home and Community Health Association, and agreement that the resultant document aligns with best practice.

In 2017 a Working Group convened to formalise a consultation process on the draft guidelines. 

The draft guidelines are now available for consultation.   A copy of the guidelines is provided on this website.

The Ministry of Health has generated an online survey response form.  If you would like a link to that please contact

Responses need to be with the Ministry of Health before 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018 via the link.


If you have any questions, please contact Donna Gordon at the Ministry of Health


A copy of the draft guidelines is attached below

See A copy of HCHA's submission on the guidelines



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