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We offer a wide range of home and community support services which meets the requirements of Standards New Zealand. Scott Holland Healthcare is a fully certified home and community support company with quality service ethos at the heart of what we do.

We are pioneers of the Montessori care philosophy in New Zealand and aim to make a real point of difference to making your rights fully realized in the care process. We value your sense of independence. We believe in giving you choices and a chance at self expression at whatever stage of health condition you are at. We promote meaningful and purposeful activities. In fact, everything we do is so you can be given respect and dignity. This is what being a Montessori care partner is all about.

Home care and Companionship

Maybe your circumstances have changed and you need someone who will see you through your new phase of life. We understand your needs and know how important it is for you to be in the comfort of your home during this time. Maybe you just need a little helping hand. Let us work together to make things easier.

Scott Holland provides a reliable premium home care service with our clients in mind. Our values are that of nursing at its core - compassion, competency and how they are expressed to you at your time of need.
Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment based on your medical condition, lifestyle and preferences. We will then discuss together a plan of care that is customised to your individual needs. We will agree on specific goals and check in with each other on our progress and outcome in meeting them. Our main consideration is essentially that you retain independence, develop alternative ways to enhance your lifestyle and enjoy quality of life.

We recognise that your needs are different from others, so our services do not come in packages. We will present you with a list of assistance services we provide based on various activities of daily living (grooming, showering, dressing, home help and light cleaning, basic medication administration etc.) and you will be the one to choose what you want included in your plan and how many hours in the day you require them.

Holds current Certification to:

NZS 8158: The Home and Community Support Sector Standard.

Physical Address:

25 Bard Place,

Golflands Auckland 2013

Contact Address:

PO Box 259170

Auckland 2163

Contact details:

Telephone: 0800 891 304
Email: info@scottholland.co.nz
Website : www.scottholland.co.nz/

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