Solora Healthcare and Rehabilitation is contracted by ACC to provide home and community support and sensitive claim services to New Zealanders across the country.

We have been delivering healthcare services since 2000. Our unique name is inspired by the life giver, the sun (Sol) with the Māori word ora, meaning life, health and vitality, representing who we are and the services and outcomes that we deliver.

Solora partners with a national network of registered homecare and allied health providers who have been delivering high-quality care in local communities for many years.

Our team of registered health professionals connect our clients with the most suitable provider to ensure they receive the right support that meets their specific needs.

Homecare Service

Our homecare services help people live safely and comfortably at home and in their local community after an injury to support their rehabilitation, along with providing ongoing support if they have a long-term condition or disability. Our team will talk with the client and whānau to understand their situation, and work with our providers so they receive the care and support that suits their individual needs and goals.

Phone: 0800 725 705. Email: homecare@solora.nz.                                       

Sensitive Claims

Solora also partners with a national network of ACC registered sensitive claim providers to help people affected by sexual violence to achieve recovery and wellbeing. Our highly skilled therapists can offer the right type of support according to the client’s individual needs.

Phone: 0800 276 802. Email: sensitiveclaims@solora.nz

Holds current Certification to:

NZS 8158: The Home and Community Support Sector Standard.

Physical Address:

Contact Address:

PO Box 24445

Wellington 6142

Contact details:

Telephone: Homecare: 0800 725 705, Sensitive Claims: 0800 276 802
Email: homecare@solora.nz (Homecare)

sensitiveclaims@solora.nz (Sensitive Claims)

Website : solora.nz

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