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EY Report : "Recognising the Contribution of the Home and Community Support Sector to New Zealand"


The Home and Community Health Association recently commissioned EY to produce a report: "Recognising the Contribution of the Home and Community Support Sector to New Zealand". This report identifies opportunities for the further development of the sector.

 Economic instability in the home support sector, Cause, effect, solution, need, value, April 2016

The HCHA produced a pre-budget 2016 paper about economic instability in the sector.

Deloitte Financial Review April 2015
The HCHA commissioned business specialists Deloitte to review the sector which concluded the current funding model is unsustainable. 


Supporting people to move at home

The HCHA and Carers NZ worked together to produce two resources.  The first is a 36 page brochure which offers tips and techniques to carers and support workers on how to assist someone to move at home.

To order hard copies, click: https://www.acc.govt.nz/resources/#/search/7116 and type ACC7116 into the search engine.

You can order up to 20 at a time, but you can ask for multiple orders.  ACC want to track where it is going.



HCHA Briefing 2014  This publication set out the HCHA's expectations about the need for comprehensive changes to policy, planning and integration of home and community support services.


Making the Most of Home Support Services (NZHHA 2011)   provides information on the home health sector, sets out NZHHA's position, and makes recommendations to support a sustainable and effective service.

A Sustainable, Cost  Effective Model for Older Persons' Home Based Health and Disability Services. NZHHA 2008.   Multiple and inconsistent purchasing arrangements between funders results in poor use of public resources. The NZHHA seeks greater consistency between all funders, including DHBs.   Read the paper.

Other Sector Resources

Topical reports, links to research papers, standards and other resources


Sector Resources

Home and Community Support Sector Complaints Categorisation Guidance

In 2011 the Office of the Auditor Generals' report on home based support noted that there are very few recorded complaints about services.  A recommendation was made for district health boards to work collaboratively with others to develop a complaints system for people to confidently raise any concerns about their services.

In response to this Ministry of Health worked with Home and community Service (HCSS) representatives to develop resources for Consumers that encourage older people to raise concerns/complaints.  In 2013/14 three DHB regions successfully piloted a standardised approach to categorising concerns and complaints when they are received by providers.

HCHA recommends that providers use this process to inform their quality management system.  Two documents are available:

Complaints Categorisation Guidance

HCSS Complaints Reporting template

The Ministry of Health published an information pack in 2013 to assist Home and Community Support service providers to receive and handle complaints effectively.  That resource is available at this link:


Supporting Migrant and Employers of Migrants in Aged Care

Have a look at these new guides for migrants and employers of migrants in Aged Care. 

Click on the image to find useful information and tips. 


To order – email:  settlement.information@mbie.govt.nz and include the title of the guide you want, the number of copies needed and the physical (not postal) address to send them to.


Standards and Guidelines 

Home and Community Support Sector Standard

Presentation from the 2012 NZHHA Seminars on the implementation of, and auditing against the Home and Community Support Sector Standard (pdf 358 kb)

Link to the Ministry of Health Auditing Requirements Document which outlines the requirements for conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that are auditing and certifying providers of home and community support services (HCSS) against the Home and Community Support Sector Standard (NZS 8158:2012).  It is also useful for providers as it shows the auditing process and requirements.    

Operational Impact Assessment Document, prepared as part of the 'Strengthening Quality Assurance Project.  This document considers the impact of the requirement for providers to meet the New Standard. (pdf 461kb)

Official Reports

DG Reference Group Report (2015)

Towards Better Home and Community Support Services for All New Zealanders (Aug 2015)

Caring Counts (EEO, 2012) 

2012 Report by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner into the equal employment opportunity issues in the aged care workforce.

Home-based Support services for older people (OAG, 2011)

2011 Performance audit report by the Office of the Controller and Auditor-General, discussing how effectively the Ministry of Health and District health Boards are ensuring that, where appropriate, older people get the care and support they need to remain living independently at home.

Research and other reports