June 8,2017

See HCHA's submission to the Health Select Committee on the Care and Support (Pay Equity) Settlement Bill currently before the House

Whilst we support the uplift in wages for our staff, we submitted that two key areas of the Bill needed to be amended.  One was on funding and the other on training.   We advised the Committee that the Government is underfunding the implementation of pay equity whilst requiring legislation to compel employers to pay.  The outcome for our already underfunded sector is ruinous.

See also our press release on this issue.

Kings Fund report

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Have a look at the recent report from the Kings Fund – A new settlement for health and social care

Whilst there are important differences of both funding and models between the UK and NZ, there

are also very useful discussions, particularly about affordability and integration.

This is the interim report from the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care

in England. In it, the commission explains why it believes England needs a single health and social

care system, with a ring-fenced, singly commissioned budget, and more closely aligned entitlements.

Drawing on accounts from patients and their families, the commission argues that the current

system is no longer fit for purpose. There are several background papers and appendices that are

also informative.

More information:

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