June 8,2017

See HCHA's submission to the Health Select Committee on the Care and Support (Pay Equity) Settlement Bill currently before the House

Whilst we support the uplift in wages for our staff, we submitted that two key areas of the Bill needed to be amended.  One was on funding and the other on training.   We advised the Committee that the Government is underfunding the implementation of pay equity whilst requiring legislation to compel employers to pay.  The outcome for our already underfunded sector is ruinous.

See also our press release on this issue.


Friday, April 29, 2016

A settlement has been reached that will result in home support workers being paid for their travel time between visits and also receive a standard rate for travel reimbursement.  It has also resulted in an independent review of home support services by the Director-General's reference group which has made 15 recommendations.  These support more person-centred services, and also what was agreed in the Settlement Agreement:  regularisation of the workforce and financial sustainability for the home support sector.


March 2017

Membership Update 24 February 2017


April 2016

1. Report of the Director-General's Reference Group

2. Working Group 1 Report

3. Working Group 2 report

(February 2016)

1. Provider Teleconference update 12.2.2016

2. MoH February update information providers and funders

3. MoH/DHB contract Variation

4. Union/provider advice for employees

5. Q&A IBTT February 2016


Interim Arrangement Implementation information

1. Interim Arrangement, Ministry of Health/DHB

2. Implementation funding

3. HCHA Webinar presentation 4.6.2015

4. HCHA Question and Answer sheets updated 8/7/15

5. Claiming Instructions



Settlement Information 

1   HCHA Media Release  travel-time-sept-2014.pdf

2   Summary of Settlement  Home-support-travel-payments-summary.pdf

3   Joint release - employers and providers  New-agreement-means-big-changes-for-NZs-fastest-growing-health-sector.doc


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