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Ngāti Ranginui (Provider)


Ngāti Ranginui

Home and Community Support Services 

In the HCSS business Ngāti Ranginui are proud partners of Te Whakareia, the Bay of Plenty Community Health Alliance. They are focused on providing in home care for people who require a bit of support. Their main focus is on a responsive care model which enables people to maintain and grow their own independence so they can have full and prosperous lives.

Their team of 62 Kaiawhina (support workers) develop close relationships with clients and provide a range of services as part of in-home support. They endeavour to make clients lives happier and easier. They also provide support for clients post-surgery and help people in-home for end of life care.

Their funding partners are the DHB and Ministry of Health and they work closely with community partners to provide a whanau-ora or wrap-around approach for caring and working with whanau in their own homes. They also welcome community to contact them if they have whanau that could benefit from their services and programs. 

Holds current Certification to:

NZS 8158: The Home and Community Support Sector Standard.

Physical Address:

166 Seventeenth Avenue


Contact Address:

PO Box 2526

Tauranga 3140

Contact details:

Telephone: 0800 494 6262

07 571 0934
Fax: 07 577 6268
Email: nrihcss@ranginui.co.nz
Website : www.ranginui.co.nz

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