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Complaints Categorisation Pilot

Oct 7, 2010

In 2011 The Office of the Auditor General's report on home based support noted that there are very few recorded complaints about services.  a recommendation was made for district health boards to work collaboratively with others to develop a complaints system for people to confidently raise any concerns about their services.


In response to this Ministry of Health worked with Home and Community Support service representatives to develop resources for consumers that encourage older people to raise concerns/complaints.  In 2013/14 three DHB regions successfully piloted a standardised approach to categorising concerns and complaints when they are received by providers.

The Ministry of Health published an information pack in 2013 to assist Home and Community Support Service providers to receive and handle complaints effectively.  This resource is available here:



The document below outlines the three steps for categorising complaints.  It is supported by a template for recording and reporting complaints: HCSS Complaints Reporting Template.


Home and Community Health Association (HCHA) recommends that providers adopt the complaints categorisation process, evaluation and reporting.


HCSS-Complaints-Categorisation-Reporting-Guidance-September-2014.pdf Click here to download more information »
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