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Consultation: Supporting People to Move at Home - carer brochure and provider guide

Jul 9, 2010

HCHA and Carers NZ are now consulting on resources aimed at improving knowledge of moving techniques by home support workers and family carers.

Two resources are available for consultation. 

  1. The first is a 36 page printed (and online) brochure aimed at paid support workers and family carers.
  2. The second is an HCHA guide for provider organisations (employers of support workers), which is provided for the home support provider sector: managers and people responsible for developing policies and training packages, for those who provide training and who organise any other activities associated with supporting people to move in their home.

You are invited to respond to either/both of these documents.  The working and governance groups for this project appreciate all comments.  The intent of the brochure is to develop a printed and online resource that is easy to understand and which offers practical tips and techniques common to carer situations, whether family carers or paid home support workers. 

To:             info@hcha.org.nz

By Date:     Monday 22 December 2014



carer-support-worker-guide-supporting-people-to-move-consultation-draft.pdf Click here to download more information »
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