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Consultation: Supporting People to Move at Home - carer brochure and provider guide

Jul 9, 2010

HCHA and Carers NZ are consulting on two resources designed to improve the way people assist others to move at home.  This resource is funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The two resources are:

1.  A 36 page brochure (which will be printed and online) for family carers and paid support workers

2.  A provider guide, which is provided for managers and people responsible for developing policies and training packages, for those who provide training and who organise any other activities associated with moving people in their homes.

We welcome comments on one or either resource.

You should make your comments to:  info@hcha.org.nz

The date by when comments should be provided is Monday 22 December 2014

HCHA and Carers NZ want these resources to be:


Relevant:          Recognises person-centred care, including cultural care.

Appropriate:      For a diverse audience, including family, whanau, and aiga carers.

Accessible:        Online guideline for the pdf guide.

Portable:           Can be printed easily, read quickly in pdf form.

Useful:              Can be proven to be useful, i.e. tested and seen to be useful in training.

Readable:          Easily understood by carers and support workers, good visual content.

Professional:      Should be based on essential principles of moving and handling, i.e. those in the Moving and Handling People guidelines. Can reliably inform and be part of a quality Health and Safety framework. Should link readers to further information.

Transferable:     The information in the guideline is transferable to other media.

Educative:         The information can be used in competency training and linked into HCSS Standard and relevant qualifications.







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