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Home and Community Health Association Briefing Paper 2014

May 15, 2014

The Home and Community Health Association (HCHA) calls for comprehensive changes to policy, planning and integration of home and community support services.

Four broad actions are needed to ensure that clients continue to have access to safe, good quality home and community support:

  1. Development and implementation of a policy framework that prioritises home and community support and removes unreasonable inconsistency.
  2. A focus on growth, retention and development of our workforce.
  3. A stronger focus on aligning service models to services that support client choice, family and whanau relationships.
  4. Proactively averting legal challenges, which if allowed to escalate will move the service quickly into insolvency.

The status quo is not a viable option.

HCHA’s paper gives a broad explanation of what is needed, and sets out outcomes that we can collectively aim for.

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