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Apr 29, 2016

A settlement has been reached that will result in home support workers being paid for their travel time between visits and also receive a standard rate for travel reimbursement.  It has also resulted in an independent review of home support services by the Director-General's reference group which has made 15 recommendations.  These support more person-centred services, and also what was agreed in the Settlement Agreement:  regularisation of the workforce and financial sustainability for the home support sector.


March 2017

Membership Update 24 February 2017


April 2016

1. Report of the Director-General's Reference Group

2. Working Group 1 Report

3. Working Group 2 report

(February 2016)

1. Provider Teleconference update 12.2.2016

2. MoH February update information providers and funders

3. MoH/DHB contract Variation

4. Union/provider advice for employees

5. Q&A IBTT February 2016


Interim Arrangement Implementation information

1. Interim Arrangement, Ministry of Health/DHB

2. Implementation funding

3. HCHA Webinar presentation 4.6.2015

4. HCHA Question and Answer sheets updated 8/7/15

5. Claiming Instructions


Settlement Information 

1   HCHA Media Release  travel-time-sept-2014.pdf

2   Summary of Settlement  Home-support-travel-payments-summary.pdf

3   Joint release - employers and providers  New-agreement-means-big-changes-for-NZs-fastest-growing-health-sector.doc


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