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HCHA Chair Announces New CEO Appointment

Dec 18, 2023

Murray Penman (HCHA Board Chair) together with the HCHA Board announce the appointment of Lisa Foster as CEO starting on 23 January 2024. 

Lisa Foster BSc (hons)

Lisa Foster is both an inclusive and authentic leader with a breadth of experience across Health, Disability, Mental Health, and Community Support Sectors. Lisa was the Chief Executive for Rare Disorders New Zealand and has a background in bio-medical science. Lisa has acted as a Board director of Asia Pacific Alliance of Patient Organisations (APARDO) for three years.

Lisa is a strategic leader with a growth mindset able to link the right people together to achieve set goals. Specialist expertise in the health and disability sector including effective advocacy, facilitation, workforce development and co-design. She brings a heart-centred approach and critical thinking to the resolution of complex challenges and is passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals, family, and communities. 

With experience of representing a national voice and building co-operative relationships, Lisa is focused on achieving sustainability and partnership for the home and community support sector. 

Murray Penman

HCHA Chair

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