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Revision of Standard has begun

Jul 28, 2010

We are delighted to report that ACC and MoH have agreed to co-fund the development of NZS 8158, the Home and Community Support Sector Standard.

Two preparatory meetings and a full day workshop have been attended by representatives of NZHHA, ACC and the Ministry of Health to generate discussion that will help Standards New Zealand to scope the project and to identify issues that will need closer consultation.  Standards New Zealand will then begin the formal standards revision process, involving the appointment and management of a Committee to review the standard and undertake wider consultation.   

The aims are to ensure that the Standard is current and relevant, to bring it in line, where appropriate, with the Health and Disability standards, and to make it more outcome focused.
Members of NZHHA underscored their commitment to this standard in 2009 by passing a resolution that they will, in 2010, bind NZHHA membership to certification to the Standard.

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