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Mana Ātea (Provider)


Mana Ātea

Mana Ātea (previously My Place Aotearoa) is an established provider of individualised and flexible supports to people with disability and their whānau.

At Mana Ātea, we believe whānau are the foundation of communities and can only thrive when connected to, are valued by, and have a sense of belonging in their community.

We work in partnership with people with disabilities and their whānau. Together we develop a support plan to meet individual needs and preferences which allows them to live in their own homes, with care from people they choose and trust.


Holds current Certification to:

NZS 8158: The Home and Community Support Sector Standard.

Physical Address:

Contact Address:

PO Box 109091


Auckland 1149

Contact details:

Telephone: 0272017678
Email: admin@manaatea.nz
Website : www.manaatea.nz

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